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WPRecon – Vulnerability recognition tool in CMS WordPress


For you to compile wprecon you will need to have the golang compiler installed. And for that you will access the official website of golang and will download and install it. Here!

Once downloaded and installed you will download wprecon directly from github with the command:

  1. go get github.com/blackbinn/wprecon;
  2. cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/github.com/blackbinn/wprecon;
  3. make build.

🚀 WPrecon running

$ wprecon --help wprecon --help

$ wprecon fuzz --help wprecon fuzz --help

$ wprecon -u https://xxxx.com/ --agressive-mode --random-agent wprecon -u https://xxxx.com/ --agressive-mode --random-gent

✨ Features

All that are already marked, are already on wprecon. But since they are not, it is for the reason that they are still in development.

  •  Detection WAF (Passive & Aggressive)
  •  Random User Agent
  •  Tor Proxy
  •  Enumerator (Users, Plugins & Themes)
  •  Enumerator Version (Plugins, Themes & WordPress)
  •  Brute Force (xml-rpc & wp-login)
  •  Scripts
  •  Vulnerability Version Checking (Plugins) (Beta)

Download WPRecon

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