Whitebeam – Transparent endpoint security



  • Block and detect advanced attacks
  • Modern audited cryptography: RustCrypto for hashing and encryption
  • Highly compatible: Development focused on all platforms (incl. legacy) and architectures
  • Source available: Audits welcome
  • Reviewed by security researchers with combined 100+ years of experience

In Action

TODO: New video coming soon!



From Repositories

TODO: Repositories

From Packages (Linux)

TODO: Using your package manager of choice (on Ubuntu/Debian (apt/snap classic)/Gentoo (emerge)/Arch (pacman AUR)/RHEL/Amazon Linux/Rocky Linux (yum)/OpenSUSE/etc.), details on installing whitebeam package.

Important: Always ensure the downloaded file hash matches official hashes (How-to).

From Source (Linux)

  1. Run tests (Optional):
    • cargo run test
  2. Compile:
    • cargo run build
  3. Install WhiteBeam:
    • cargo run install

Quick start

  1. Become root (sudo -s/su root)
  2. Set a recovery secret. You’ll be able to use this with whitebeam --auth to make changes to the system: whitebeam --setting RecoverySecret mask

How to Detect Attacks with WhiteBeam

Multiple guides are provided depending on your preference. Contact us so we can help you integrate WhiteBeam with your environment.

  1. Serverless guide, for passive review
  2. osquery Fleet setup guide, for passive review
  3. WhiteBeam Server setup guide, for active response

How to Prevent Attacks with WhiteBeam

  1. Become root (sudo -s/su root)
  2. Download default whitelists for your platform:
    • whitebeam --load Base
  3. Review the baseline after a minimum of 24 hours:
    • whitebeam --baseline
  4. Add trusted behavior to the whitelist, following the whitelisting guide
  5. Enable WhiteBeam prevention:
    • whitebeam --setting Prevention true

Download Whitebeam

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