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Twiga – A Tool That Enumerates Android Devices For Information Useful In Understanding Its Internals And For Exploit Development


A tool that enumerates Android devices for information useful in understanding its internals and for exploit development. It supports android 4.2 to android 7.1.1

The most current ADB must be in your path and fully functional
The report name must not have any whitespace

Some information and files cannot be pulled higher up the SDK version due to strict SELinux policies and android hardening.
It can only run on one device at a time for now

To Do
Support for enumeration on a rooted device
Support enumeration on multiple devices at a time
Generate PDF report on the enumartuon data

Inspired by
LinEnum –
Linuxprivchecker –
Unix-privesc-check –
Basic Linux Privilege Escalation –

Download Twiga

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