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The Scripter is a beginner Friendly tool that is made by hackers and made for hackers. This tool was created to make hackers’ life easy. This tool has the main script that will manage all other scripts. This tool will be designed in such a way so that hackers will find it interesting and easy to work with and most importantly hacker can use these individual scripts without running through main script also and they can also modify scripts according to comfortability if they are at some intermediate level.


Step 1: Clone the Script from the given Github Repository Command: git clone

Step 2: cd to the scripter Directory Command: cd The_Scripter/

Step 3: Permit the script to run using the chmod command Command: chmod +x

Step 4: Run file as a sudo user Command : sudo ./

Step 5: Now run file Command : ./

Now you will get command line option to select which script you want to run.

Lets know what these scripts are doing one by one

1. Shell Stabilizer

Stabilize shell uses xautomation, so, it can automatically shift between the shell and attacker Cmd using ctrl z mouse keys and shortcuts and then it copies the shell $TERM value and convert our cmd into that like it makes our shell and machine shell environment same like rows and column size, Cli GUI By stabilizing the shell we can use tools like vim, vi very swiftly and our shell will behave like ssh_shell. so, We can use back command and arrow commands and Ctrl + c will not kill the shell we can also use sudo and su after that on the machine.

2. Hash Cracker

This script will contain code for automatic hash detection. After detecting hash it will run the cracking script for all the hash types that got detected in parallel. This script will take a wordlist and hash as basic input. There will be other options as well to make this script more useful for the user.

3. SSH Cracker

This script will contain code for cracking id_rsa key using John The Ripper. It will make id_rsa executable and crack it’s password . It will also detect id_rsa is openkey or private key . This script will also have option for bruteforcing ssh username.

4. Payload Generator

The Payload Generator script will help to generate different types of payloads according to you. This Script will give options to select the type of payload and the platform for which you needed the payload.

5. Webserver

Recon is a simple script that will scan the whole machine stepwise Like first it will quickly give results and then will perform a script scan and also start the full scan in the background. Webserver script will create a web server of your choice for file transferring and hosting of files. The script uses three different programming languages library to create a webserver.

  1. Python
  2. Ruby
  3. PHP

6. Recon

Recon is a simple script that will scan the whole machine stepwise Like first it will quickly give results and then will perform a script scan and also start the full scan in the background.

7. Password Generator

Password Generator is a password generation tool that will print the password of the desired length you just need to enter the length of the password and 4 passwords will be printed and you can choose the password which you like the most.

8. Juice Shop

Juice shop is a vulnerable web app that is used for security training awareness demos, CTFs, etc. juice shop has OWASP Top Ten vulnerability along with other security flows in the real-world applications. The application contains a vast number of hacking challenges of varying difficulty where the user is supposed to exploit the underlying vulnerabilities. The hacking process is tracked on a scoreboard. Apart from the hacker and awareness training use case, pentesting proxies or security scanners can use Juice Shop as a “guinea pig”-application to check how well their tools cope with JavaScript-heavy application frontends and REST APIs.

9. Cron Job Adder

Cron job adder can be used to add any command directly to the cron job . Person can directly us his script add any command o heir own cron. It’s most importan use is thst attacker can upload this script to victim machine and then run it to add cron jobs and get privilage escalation.

10. SSH Adder

SSH adder is used to generate id_rsa key of the attacker machine and then use it to add this key into victim authorized ssh key. SSH adder uses xte tool for automating the shifting of shell from attacker to victim. It’s one of those scripts which can ease the art of Linux Privilage Escalation.


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