TeleGram-Scraper : Telegram Group Scraper Tool


TeleGram-Scraper is a telegram group scraper tool to fetch all information about group members.

How To Install & Setup API ( Termux)

API Setup

  • Go to and log in.
  • Click on API development tools and fill the required fields.
  • put app name you want & select other in platform Example :
  • copy “api_id” & “api_hash” after clicking create app ( will be used in )

How To Install and Use

$ pkg install -y git python

$ git clone

$ cd TeleGram-Scraper

  • Install requirements

$ python3 -i

  • Setup configuration file ( apiID, apiHASH )

$ python3 -c

  • To Generate User Data

$ python3

  • ( members.csv is default if you changed name use it )
  • Send Bulk sms To Collected Data

$ python3 members.csv

  • add users to your group ( in development )

$ python3 members.csv

  • Update Tool

$ python3 -u


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