Spraykatz is a tool without any pretention able to retrieve credentials on Windows machines and large Active Directory environments.

It simply tries to procdump machines and parse dumps remotely in order to avoid detections by antivirus softwares as much as possible.


This tool is written for python3 to python3.6. Do not use this on production environments!


On a fresh updated Ubuntu.

apt update
apt install -y python3.6 python3-pip git nmap
git clone
cd spraykatz
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Using Spraykatz

A quick start could be:

./ -u H4x0r -p L0c4L4dm1n -t


Mandatory arguments

Switches Description
-u, –username User to spray with. He must have admin rights on targeted systems in order to gain remote code execution.
-p, –password User’s password or NTLM hash in the LM:NT format.
-t, –targets IP addresses and/or IP address ranges. You can submit them via a file of targets (one target per line), or inline (separated by commas).

Optional arguments

Switches Description
-d, –domain User’s domain. If he is not member of a domain, simply use -d . instead.
-r, –remove Only try to clean up ProcDump and dumps left behind on distant machines. Just in case.
-v, –verbosity Verbosity mode {warning, info, debug}. Default == info.
-w, –wait How many seconds Spraykatz waits before exiting gracefully. Default is 180 seconds.


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