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Kyverno ships with two types of validation. You can either enforce a rule or audit it. If you don’t want to block developers or if you want to try out a new rule, you can use the audit functionality. The audit configuration creates PolicyReports which you can access with kubectl. Because I can’t find a simple solution to get a general overview of this PolicyReports and PolicyReportResults, I created this tool to send information about PolicyReports to different targets like Grafana Loki, Elasticsearch or Slack.

Policy Reporter provides also a Prometheus Metrics API as well as an standalone mode along with the Policy Reporter UI.

This project is in an early stage. Please let me know if anything did not work as expected or if you want to send your audits to unsupported targets.


You can find detailed Information and Screens about Features and Configurations in the Documentation.

Getting Started

Installation with Helm v3

Installation via Helm Repository

Add the Helm repository

helm repo add policy-reporter https://kyverno.github.io/policy-reporter
helm repo update

Basic Installation

The basic installation provides an Prometheus Metrics Endpoint and different REST APIs, for more details have a look at the Documentation.

helm install policy-reporter policy-reporter/policy-reporter -n policy-reporter --create-namespace

Installation without Helm or Kustomize

To install Policy Reporter without Helm or Kustomize have a look at manifests.

Policy Reporter UI

You can use the Policy Reporter as standalone Application along with the optional UI SubChart.

Installation with Policy Reporter UI and Kyverno Plugin enabled

helm install policy-reporter policy-reporter/policy-reporter --set kyvernoPlugin.enabled=true --set ui.enabled=true --set ui.plugins.kyverno=true -n policy-reporter --create-namespace
kubectl port-forward service/policy-reporter-ui 8082:8080 -n policy-reporter

Open http://localhost:8082/ in your browser.

Check the Documentation for Screens and additional Information


Policy Reporter supports the following Targets to send new (Cluster)PolicyReport Results too:


The Helm Chart includes optional SubChart for Prometheus Operator Integration. The provided Dashboards working without Loki and are only based on the Prometheus Metrics.

Have a look into the Documentation for details.

Grafana Dashboard Import

If you are not using the MonitoringStack you can import the dashboards from Grafana

Download Policy-Reporter

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