Panto Linux 4~1 GNU/Linux


Panto linux is the most advanced penetration testing distribution based on ubuntu focusing on anonymity and providing
a hacker friendly enviroment with the best tools available on the market!
A fast lightweight linux environment based on linux mint with a set of drivers,scripts,tools ,patched
wireless backports and it offers a custom repository full with new tools ,updates and much more !
Panto linux is based on ubuntu trusty LTS, it offers custom kernel patched with grsecurity (only the full version)and patched wireless
backports to use with aircrack ng,it offers a tool to remaster (panto builder) the distribution and build you own image with
your settings and customizations! Panto provides you with panto functions (automated hacking builtin
that makes your custom tasks easier) and a set with the top tools out there on the hacking scene like : anonsurf,
penmode,dradis,metasploit,armitage,metasploit gui,pixiewps,wifite,fern wifi cracker,veil
Panto linux provides you with a tool that can easily convert debian packages to ubuntu packages (Pantorasbox)..
It offers anonymity in a high level with anomode,anonsurf tor based tool !
Panto linux is released on testing mode with work in progress and updates in progress :It offers daily updates
updated tools and new tools !

Panto Linux comes with a minimal set of tools ( This is all about making the iso smaller and a fast lightweight linux environment)

note :After your installation  you can open the panto extras menu and install panto linux tools full!

    • panto-anonsurf   (anonymous mode)
    • panto-artwork     (wallpapers and art work)
    • panto-dark            (panto default  dark theme)
    • panto-common
    • panto-default-settings
    • panto-dev-tools
    • panto-info
    • panto-kernel-info
    • panto-menu
    • panto-meta
    • panto-minimal
    • panto-penmode  (penmode)
    • panto-tools            (panto default tools full)
    • pantobackup         (backup tools)
    • pantodrivers          (panto drivers installer for nvidia etc..)
    • pantolinux-keyring
    • pantolocale
    • pantonanny           (domain blocker)
    • pantostick              (panto usb creator)
    • pantosystem          (panto full system)
    • pantowifi                 (panto tool to install wifi drivers)
    • panto-linux
    • pantoinstall             (panto software center)
    • anonmode               (another anonymous mode tool based on vidalia)
    • armitage
    • ghost-phisher
    • zenmap
    • veil
    • maltego
    • burpsuite
    • netcat
    • wapiti
    • aircrack-ng
    • ettercap
    • openssh-server
    • nmap
    • ncrack
    • sqlmap
    • sqlninja
    • reaver
    • fern-wifi-cracker
    • wifite
    • metasploit-framework
    • john
    • hydra
    • wireshark
    • set
    • tor
    • privoxy
    • i2p
    • i2p-router
  1. Default username for  panto: root
  2. Default password for  panto: panto

HEVD – HackSys Extreme Vulnerable Driver

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