Kali-Linux-Tools-Interface – Graphical Web Interface Developed To Facilitate The Use Of Security Information Tools


Getting Started
Kali Linux Tools Interface is a graphical interface to use information security tools by the browser. The project uses the Kali Linux tools as a reference because it is the distribution that has the largest package of native tools.


  • A Debian-based distribution (preferably Kali Linux)
  • The information security tools installed
  • Apache / Nginx service running
  • SSH Service running
  • Shell In A Box (if you want to use the Terminal)
    • To install Shell In A Box, use the following command: sudo apt-get install shellinabox


  1. Extract the contents to the folder of your web server.
  2. Create a database called kali in MySQL and import the file assets/database.sql.
  3. Edit the file assets/includes/config.php and set yours settings.
  4. Enjoy!



Tools list

Choose and use it!

More screenshots:
Check the documentation for more screenshots!

Built With

Contributions are always welcome! If you would like to contribute to the project, please use the Google Forms to send me your Feedback.

Lucas Fraga –
Project Link:

Download Kali-Linux-Tools-Interface

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