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jboss-autopwn Package Description

This JBoss script deploys a JSP shell on the target JBoss AS server. Once deployed, the script uses its upload and command execution capability to provide an interactive session.

Features include:

  • Multiplatform support – tested on Windows, Linux and Mac targets
  • Support for bind and reverse bind shells
  • Meterpreter shells and VNC support for Windows targets

Source: https://github.com/SpiderLabs/jboss-autopwn
jboss-autopwn Homepage | Kali jboss-autopwn Repo

  • Author: Christian G. Papathanasiou, Trustwave Holdings, Inc.
  • License: GPLv2

Tools included in the jboss-autopwn package

jboss-win – JBoss Windows autopwn
root@kali:~# root@kali:~# jboss-win
[!] JBoss Windows autopwn
[!] Usage: ./e2.sh server port
[!] Christian Papathanasiou cpapathanasiou@trustwave.com
[!] Trustwave SpiderLabs

jboss-linux – JBoss *nix autopwn

root@kali:~# jboss-linux
[!] JBoss *nix autopwn
[!] Usage: ./e.sh server port
[!] Christian Papathanasiou
[!] Trustwave SpiderLabs

jboss-autopwn Usage Example

Attack the target server ( on the specified port (8080), redirecting stderr (2> /dev/null):

root@kali:~# jboss-linux 8080 2> /dev/null
[x] Retrieving cookie
[x] Now creating BSH script…
[!] Cound not create BSH script..
[x] Now deploying .war file:

Pythem – Python Network/Pentesting Tool

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