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Fierce – A DNS Reconnaissance Tool for Locating



$ pip3 install fierce
$ fierce -h


$ git clone
$ cd fierce
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3 -h

Let’s start with something basic:

$ fierce --domain --subdomains accounts admin ads

Traverse IPs near discovered domains to search for contiguous blocks with the --traverse flag:

$ fierce --domain --subdomains admin --traverse 10

Limit nearby IP traversal to certain domains with the --search flag:

$ fierce --domain --subdomains admin --search

Attempt an HTTP connection on domains discovered with the --connect flag:

$ fierce --domain --subdomains mail --connect

Exchange speed for breadth with the --wide flag, which looks for nearby domains on all IPs of the /24 of a discovered domain:

$ fierce --domain --wide

Zone transfers are rare these days, but they give us the keys to the DNS castle. is a very useful service for testing for and learning about zone transfers:

$ fierce --domain

To save the results to a file for later use we can simply redirect output:

$ fierce --domain > output.txt

Internal networks will often have large blocks of contiguous IP space assigned. We can scan those as well:

$ fierce --dns-servers --range

Check out --help for further information:

$ fierce --help


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