Removed Desktop Building Capabilitie E17 option (to many errors)
Desktops Building Capabilities : XFCE,KDE,ICEWM,GNOME,MATE,LXDE

option 1 :You can just build a Kali Linux image with any of the folowing desktop XFCE,KDE,ICEWM,GNOME,MATE,LXDE
option 2 : the created iso will be remixed (if you choose to remix distributions) with the current installed system ,what does this mean?? it mean that you will get a kali linux image with your current settings,wallpapers,documents(something like backup to a new operating system
To remix distribution with kali linux generator you most choose the exact desktop that your installed system has on it installed !! otherwise you will get a kernel panic when you try to boot to the created iso .

Panto Linux 4~1 GNU/Linux

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