BeRoot – A Post Exploitation Privilege Escalation Tool


BeRoot Project is a post exploitation tool to check common misconfigurations to find a way to escalate our privilege.
It has been added to the pupy project as a post exploitation module (so it will be executed in memory without touching the disk).

This tool does not realize any exploitation. It mains goal is not to realize a configuration assessment of the host (listing all services, all processes, all network connection, etc.) but to print only information that have been found as potential way to escalate our privilege.

This project works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. You could find the Windows version here and the Linux and Mac OS here

I recommend reading the README depending on the targeted OS, to better understand what’s happening.


python3 beroot.py -h

Now, it will try to analyze all the possible loopholes which could lead to the escalation of privileges using SUID bins, checking file permissions, sudo rules, NFS squashing, docker, and kernel exploits. As you observe now that it is showing the output of the configurations that could lead to the exploitation of privilege. So far I will check with one of the commands which the BeRoot had shown in the results if it is working or not;

It worked successfully, it will also show another output command and exploits according to the operating system in the results.


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