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atlas_exporter – Ripe Metric Exporter


Metric exporter for RIPE Atlas measurement results


  • this is an early version, more features will be added step by step
  • at the moment only the last result of an measurement is used
  • the required Go version is 1.11+

Streaming API

Since version 0.8 atlas_exporter also supports retrieving measurement results by RIPE Atlas Streaming API (https://atlas.ripe.net/docs/result-streaming/). Using this feature requires config file mode. All configured measurements are subscribed on start so the latest result for each probe is updated continuously and scrape time is reduced significantly. When a socket.io connection fails or times out a reconnect is initiated. The timeout can be configured using the -streaming.timeout parameter. Streaming API is the default for config file mode, it can be disabled by setting -streaming to false.


Since version 1.0 atlas_exporter provides you with histograms of round trip times of the following measurement types:

  • DNS
  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • HTTP

The buckets can be configured in the config file (see below).

Since this feature relies strongly on getting each update for a measurement, the Stream API mode has to be used. Histogram metrics enables you to calculate percentiles for a specifiv indicator (in our case round trip time). This allows better monitoring of defined service level objectives (e.g. Ping RTT of a specific measurement should be under a specific threshold based on 90% of the requests disregarding the highest 10% -> p90).

For more information: https://prometheus.io/docs/practices/histograms/


go get -u github.com/czerwonk/atlas_exporter


To start the server:

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 9400:9400 czerwonk/atlas_exporter

To run in config file mode:

docker run -d -e CONFIG=/tmp/config.yml -v /tmp/config.yml:/tmp/config.yml --restart unless-stopped -p 9400:9400 czerwonk/atlas_exporter 


Start server


or using config file mode:

./atlas_exporter -config.file config.yml

Config file

for this example we want to retrieve results for measurement 8772164

  - id: 8772164
    timeout: 120s
      - 5.0
      - 10.0
      - 25.0
      - 50.0
      - 100.0
filter_invalid_results: true

Call metrics URI

when using config file mode:


or ad hoc for measuremnt 8772164:


in both cases the result should look similar to this one:

# HELP atlas_traceroute_hops Number of hops
# TYPE atlas_traceroute_hops gauge
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="1101",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="6031"} 9
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="11051",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="17833"} 8
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="111",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="6231"} 9
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="11427",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="1121"} 13
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="12337",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="267"} 13
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="1257",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="140"} 11
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="12586",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="2088"} 13
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="12597",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="2619"} 10
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="12714",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="2684"} 9
atlas_traceroute_hops{asn="133752",dst_addr="",dst_name="",ip_version="4",measurement="8772164",probe="6191"} 14



  • ping measurements (success, min/max/avg latency, dups, size)
  • traceroute measurements (success, hop count, rtt)
  • ntp (delay, derivation, ntp version)
  • dns (succress, rtt)
  • http (return code, rtt, http version, header size, body size)
  • sslcert (alert, rtt)

Prometheus configuration

Ad-Hoc Mode

  - job_name: 'atlas_exporter'
    scrape_interval: 5m
      - targets:
        - 7924888
        - 7924886
      - source_labels: [__address__]
        regex: (.*)(:80)?
        target_label: __param_measurement_id
        replacement: ${1}
      - source_labels: [__param_measurement_id]
        regex: (.*)
        target_label: instance
        replacement: ${1}
      - source_labels: []
        regex: .*
        target_label: __address__
        replacement: atlas-exporter.mytld:9400

Config Mode

  - job_name: 'atlas_exporter'
    scrape_interval: 5m
      - targets:
          - atlas-exporter.mytld:9400

Download atlas_exporter

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